Question: Why is NACOPRW NY dedicating a webpage to El Centro?

El Centro provides a service to our community which is both essential and irreplaceable.  As a community we have the potential to focus our energy in unison when each one of us understand our shared relationships with our inheritance and history which then provides us a deeper understanding whereby which we can build intelligently meeting our own needs while also serving and participating with the other diverse communities within and beyond the United States.

Here is a brief comment from Dr. Melendez, the Director of El Centro, regarding it's purpose:

"Since its inception in 1973, Centro has been a well-regarded institution serving the Puerto Rican community in general, and more specifically the students and faculty of Hunter College and CUNY, and the City of New York. Centro researchers have established a foundation for the intellectual field of Puerto Rican studies. Centro since its origin, has provided unique insights for our understanding of the diaspora and for the incorporation of Puerto Ricans into communities across the United States. Subsequently, Centro has promoted an examination of this experience in the context of the broader Latino community, and in relation to other racial minorities in the country. This intellectual contribution has been matched by a methodical effort to collect and preserve archival and other resources documenting the history and culture of Puerto Ricans in the Centro Library & Archives. Today, this award winning library and archives serves as an example of how an academic effort transcends the narrow confines of intellectual inquiry and becomes a vehicle for the empowerment of the community."

This page will be dedicated to shared interests and projects between NACOPRW NY and El Centro.  If you have ideas and you are not a member of our Chapter, you may contact the Webmaster (press the button on the bottom of this page) and I will submit your recommendation to our President. 

Click here to find Centro Voices an online resource produced by El Centro.  You may also click on El Centro's Logo to be taken to their website.

 Unidos, Nosotros Venciéremos!  Together, we will win.

Derick Centeno, Webmaster.

Our dearly departed Sister and Friend presented a commentary on Pura Belpré.
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Dr. Melendez shared a link to a report published by El Nuevo Dia dated July 20, 2016.  It is available by clicking here.

The June 30, 2016 report by Dr. Melendez is available for download from here.